Mum’s work



Aqui estão alguns dos trabalhos que a minha mãe faz. Sempre teve jeito para fazer coisas à mão, é exímia  no tricot, faz tudo para bebé, do mais perfeito e amoroso que há! Agora também ganhou o bichinho dos tecidos e tem-se aventurado por aí!


Here is some of my mum’s work. She always did some handmade stuff, specially tricot. She does beautiful and cute clothes for babies. They are so adorable!! Now she also started with crafts and some patchwork. Later, I’ll  show the quilt that she is making for my bed!


2 Responses to “Mum’s work”

  1. dollyfreeenglish Says:

    Your mom is absolutely talented. Are those olives at the background? Beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing.

    • lua d'algodão Says:

      Yes, they are olives!! It’s typical to see them in Portugal, specially in the countryside!

      Thank you for stopping by, it’s a pleasure! You’re always welcome!

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