nutella cupcakes


Cooking is also one of my passions, I just love to create and find different flavours, it’s always amazing…and now it’s part of my job, I do research about eating behaviours!

Although cupcakes ( I was inspired by this blog) are very typical, they  are a wonderful solution for a cosy sunday, specially when it’s cold outside! Delicous!!!!

The snow came again, everything turned white but the days are lighter and a bit warmer…I’ve been missing the spring and sewing –  I really need to start something, but these days time flew by!


Gosto muito das famosas Chitas.!!Lembro-me de crescer com elas, em minha casa e por tantas outras casas por onde passei. Lembram-me Portugal e as nossas tradições, relembram-me  memórias boas de infância, o aconchego e o prazer de reconhecer nestes padrões um bocadinho de mim!

Esta foi mais uma encomenda, onde tive toda a liberdade de escolher os tecidos! E apostei no clássico e na linguagem comum das nossas tradições! Espero que goste!

Chita is a traditional portuguese fabric, I just love it! I remember growing surrounding by Chita in my home and every others family houses. Chita is part of my sweet childhood memories, it always recall me about Portugal and the pleasure of recognize a bit of myself in it!

This was another order, but I had all the freedom to choose the fabrics. This time I bet in our common language of tradition! I hope you like!

my little corner


We live in a small apartment which sometimes can be a problem because space is always missing. Basically we have a nice living room, where there is a corner for my work !! Pedro a few months ago gave me this closet for my fabrics, I really love it and somehow we found away to look nice our living/working room!

Here is my corner, the blue base was made with extra “yellow pages” covered by this lovely Ikea fabric! Sometimes I get a lot of pain on my neck when I’m sewing, so the base works for that moments!

And this is my machine, I really like it and it works pretty ok!!! Today I spent the afternoon sewing and working in a new project! I was really missing it, was so good!!! Soon, I’ll do something for that white wall in front, I wish it was a window full of light, sun and blue sky!!!

I wish you a nice week!!

snow is going away


This doens’t mean the weather is getting better…if the temperature is higher, rain is more probable (yack!)!! OK, now we are around 2ºc as  maxium!!improving, hum?! The truth is that for a month, this country was (still is) surrounding by white, it’s beautiful and cold, but sometimes I just get so tired due to the grey colours and lights!

I just need a blue sunny sky,even if it’s cold!!

I’m planning to be back in the business and start working again on my things, but all these adjustments take some time!

Have a nice weekend!!

Some of the things I did before Christmas and forgot to take photos of! This was a Christmas present that my mum offered (made by me)!

I really enjoy this fabric , specially the colours, from Ana Maria Horner, I couldn’t be happier with the final result! It looks great, don’t you think so?!

yellow bag


Happy new year, since it’s my first post in 2010!!I wish you the best!!

I’m back again to blog, to work, to Eindhoven, to our life and it’s been good and relaxing after the Christmas holidays, even with this freezing weather!! Going to Lisbon is always good but also very tiring!!

My dear friend Marta asked me to do a yellow bag, completely yellow, without anything more and  with an envelope pattern! Yeah right, she has a sometimes “strange” but very funny and nice taste! So this yellow bag was my Christmas present for her!!  I decide to add some buttons to give a nicer look and the lining was yellow with white dots just to keep the “yellowish”!!

I hope you enjoy it!!!