my little corner


We live in a small apartment which sometimes can be a problem because space is always missing. Basically we have a nice living room, where there is a corner for my work !! Pedro a few months ago gave me this closet for my fabrics, I really love it and somehow we found away to look nice our living/working room!

Here is my corner, the blue base was made with extra “yellow pages” covered by this lovely Ikea fabric! Sometimes I get a lot of pain on my neck when I’m sewing, so the base works for that moments!

And this is my machine, I really like it and it works pretty ok!!! Today I spent the afternoon sewing and working in a new project! I was really missing it, was so good!!! Soon, I’ll do something for that white wall in front, I wish it was a window full of light, sun and blue sky!!!

I wish you a nice week!!


4 Responses to “my little corner”

  1. sofia Says:

    Acho o teu cantinho muito muito querido!!!
    beijinhos com saudades

  2. Helena Says:

    Olá, Mariana!
    Que cantinho gostoso!
    Abraço da Cecilia (mãe da Helena)

  3. lua d'algodão Says:

    Obrigada, Cecilia!


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