This is the size of my next project…Sofia ask me to do a quilt for her bed! She only asks for two things: white background and big squares!!! So I’ve been looking for inspiration and I found amazing quilts and blogs, like this one

http://lovelylittlehandmades.blogspot.com/ (the picture is from her flickr gallery).

Have a nice week!!


bedroom curtain


Most of the dutch houses have always a small particularity, of course my home is not an exception (we have a wash basin in our bedroom, what can I say?!! I’m already used to it, but it’s strange and somehow I’m always trying to find a way of hiding it…impossible!).

Carnival arrived here on friday and it’ll continue until tomorrow…yeah, right dutch people (south people) are crazy about this event, it’s really unbelievable!

Yesterday I decided to stay home and sewing all day, I was really missing it and guess what?! the weather also helped, snowed all day long (it’s freezing here)! I made this curtain for our bedroom, I gave a chance  to this fabric (I bought it last year and then I decided that I didn’t like it…and yesterday, it look nice again!). The curtain is ready . Also I’m working on a wall organizer…Hopefully, it’ll look great!

I hope you have a nice week!!



Bruges is a wonderful city, it’s lovely and magic!!

We spent a really nice weekend there, it’s near by and I felt  in a different dimension. It was a restless weekend!

The houses are lovely, all of them in this kind of shape and size…the doors and the windows have different colours, some of them are orange or red! I imagined myself  living there all the time… and I wished all of them!

It seems like a fairytale and the lovely a chocolate shops spread a delicious chocolate smell around every corner!! amazing!!!

Besides chocolate, beer is also part of the Flemish culture, it’s unbelievable!!! Bars with 300 beers!

But I’m sure the weather and the grey colours gave a special and magic light to the city!!

It was a lovely weekend!!!