Today, is my birthday and one year ago in the middle of March, I started this blog!!! So, this is also special occasion for my blog, it was born with no kind of expectations and because I’m a bit shy I don’t show my work to a lot of people…but I think I’m starting to have my readers and, although my craft work goes a bit slow, I still love and enjoy all this world and work! And there are days, where I really miss have more time to sewing!

The photo is a top that I bought for myself as birthday present, hehehe! It arrived last week with my mum, it’s really good to have my mum around here these days! I bought it in this lovely blog from Madalena, I hope you enjoy her work! I just love my top!!


new experiences


London was great, I lot of shopping but barely anything concern to fabrics. This book was a present from London!

Now my mum is here, she arrived last thursday. Yesterday I started to learn how to knit, my mum does really amazing things on this art, specially for babies! I grew up in living rooms full of women (grandmother, aunts, mum,cousins, etc) knitting all the time! Now, we bought a cheap wool and I started…but for me, it´s not easy and I´m constantly fighting with the needles!!

Have a nice week!!



Next weekend we are going to London…I’m so happy! I need all the tips for crafts and fabrics shops,markets and so on!!!

Can you help me?

Thanks!! Have a nice weekend!*

quilt I


They arrived yesterday, I’m happy with the colours and the way they fit together!  I’m so excited, in the next weeks (maybe months) I’ll show some steps of this big adventure…making a Quilt!!

I’m dreaming and wondering about the final result!

blue sky


And finally, there is a blue sky!!! One full week of sun and blue sky, I’m happy, although is still freezing (3º, -6º). But I feel that spring is arriving and indeed people get use to this weather…I’m becoming so “dutch”, as soon as I see sun trough the window, I want to go outside without gloves, etc, and with 5 º I almost feel that is summer!!! I can´t imagine what happens when I´m going to Portugal with 30 degrees…

Meanwhile, I’m doing some pouches and other stuff that people asked me! Soon, I will show photos!

I love white !!


Adoro branco, sinto-me inspirada e apesar de já ter muita coisa branca em casa, um dia quero ter imagens como estas!! Adoro a luz  que reflecte e a serenidade que me transmite!! E ando a precisar de dias de primavera cheios  de sol! A foto é daqui e este é o seu blogue! (e sim, já consigo ler quse tudo em holandês!)

I love white and I feel very inspired by it!  One day I hope to live in a house surround by white, although I already have  most of the things in white! I love the reflection of light!! And I guess I’m really missing the spring and all the sunny light!! The photo was from here and her blog ! (and I already can read most of the dutch things!!)

p.s. Os últimos dias foram agitados por aqui…mas aquela agitação (muito boa) de quem recebe visitas de Lisboa!!