Today, is my birthday and one year ago in the middle of March, I started this blog!!! So, this is also special occasion for my blog, it was born with no kind of expectations and because I’m a bit shy I don’t show my work to a lot of people…but I think I’m starting to have my readers and, although my craft work goes a bit slow, I still love and enjoy all this world and work! And there are days, where I really miss have more time to sewing!

The photo is a top that I bought for myself as birthday present, hehehe! It arrived last week with my mum, it’s really good to have my mum around here these days! I bought it in this lovely blog from Madalena, I hope you enjoy her work! I just love my top!!


4 Responses to “29”

  1. Andorinha Says:

    Parabéns Miúda!! Bonito presente, sim senhora 😉 Muitos aninhos de vida cheio de coisas boas! Beijinhos!

  2. *MARGAS* Says:

    ADORO o Top da MadB – BOA ESCOLHA M.! =D
    Divirtam-se muito por aí e com a Mãe B. por perto – que bom!
    Espero que tenhas um ÓPTIMO DIA – HAVE FUN-FUN-FUN!
    Parabéns pelo Blog também, gosto sempre MUITO de cá vir!
    Beijinhos & LOVE,

  3. Tuxa Says:

    Também já lhe comprei um vestido… bjs e parabéns!

  4. Diane Says:

    Bem hajas por teres quebrado o silêncio. Sejas bem vinda e parabéns 🙂

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