This was from last weekend, while playing with the squares order. Now I already have a scheme and today I’m starting to sew the squares! Have a nice Sunday!




For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been doing bread. I keep the dough on the fridge and then we have always  fresh bread during week. It´s so good and delicious, and the best thing it remembers our portuguese bread, now I only miss the butter!! The best part, it’s so easy to make!!

I also use it for pizzas, and it works perfectly, even the our Italians friends were surprised by it!!

spring weekend


Spring finally arrived, we had a great weekend!

We were enjoying the sun in the park,baking bread and chocolate cake, taking care of our balcony  – planting  new flowers (daisies) and herbs. Going to the market in this time of the year is marvellous, we just wanted to bring all the flowers and new fruits for the week, the smell in the air is delicious! And in the end of the days I sewed the quilt  while enjoying the lovely sunset, so much light!!

I will show more photos during the week! Have a nice week!

This is my favourite tree, and now they are blossoming all around, lovely!!



One year ago, the spring was already here in full power, as you can see by the photos. Now there are some bulbs and flowers, but most of the trees are still naked, the weather is still a bit cold, specially the mornings, but we have  some sun visits…but still, not enough! Blossom and spring are still is a bit late, and I’m starting to feel anxious to put away all my winter clothes…Every time I try it now, I always regret! There are things in life that will never change and indeed my portuguese genes don’t let me feel like spring or summer with 15 º and 3º in the morning!

Rhine riverside


We started in St Goar and visited one of the few castles that are still almost intact since ever. it is beautiful, but sometimes when you go underground it is a bit scary,well  a lot of suspense! The stairs were also an adventure, as you can see below!

Afterwards, we went to Bacharch for a lovely lunch. the town is adorable and very small, of course in the top of the hill there is a castle, which by the way is a youth hotel! Lovely!

A long the way, you can always discover castles in each side of the riverside! It’s  unique and beautiful, makes you travel and think about  the magic that surrounded the previous and “old” centuries!

Then we crossed the river near Binge to visit a lovely city (but also very touristic) called Rusdesheim .

Now that the good weather  is coming, we are planning to go there for another weekend, the river as so much more to explore and definitely it should be amazing to see everything with a beautiful sunshine!

I think that if you need to have a small break, maybe you should consider this region! It´s so romantic!

quilt II


Os 72 quadrados  e as 20 tiras brancas já estão cortadas!! Começa agora a parte mais gira do puzzle! Este fim-de semana foi de descanso, passeio em família pelas margens do rio Reno com castelos e vilas bonitas! Deu tempo também para coser, cortar e acabar outros projectos!

The 72 squares and the 20 white stripes are cut! Now begins the most cool part of the puzzle! This weekend was lovely and rest days, with family trip around the Rhine river and its beautiful castles and villages! Also, I had time to sew, to cut and to finish other projects!

Have a nice week!