Rhine riverside


We started in St Goar and visited one of the few castles that are still almost intact since ever. it is beautiful, but sometimes when you go underground it is a bit scary,well  a lot of suspense! The stairs were also an adventure, as you can see below!

Afterwards, we went to Bacharch for a lovely lunch. the town is adorable and very small, of course in the top of the hill there is a castle, which by the way is a youth hotel! Lovely!

A long the way, you can always discover castles in each side of the riverside! It’s  unique and beautiful, makes you travel and think about  the magic that surrounded the previous and “old” centuries!

Then we crossed the river near Binge to visit a lovely city (but also very touristic) called Rusdesheim .

Now that the good weather  is coming, we are planning to go there for another weekend, the river as so much more to explore and definitely it should be amazing to see everything with a beautiful sunshine!

I think that if you need to have a small break, maybe you should consider this region! It´s so romantic!


One Response to “Rhine riverside”

  1. Isabel Says:

    Adorei…..lindo de morrer

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