new house


We are going to move (again)!! We weren’t plan but one day I was look just to see if there was any opportunity, and we found this house. This was what we always wanted since we moved, but usually it’s really difficult to find something with an affordable price and not so faraway from the city center!

The best thing when we visited, it was exactly what we want – A typical dutch family house with 3 bedrooms (dutch don’t have big rooms!!), a nice living room, a nice kitchen (although the colours are not brilliant), some storage room, an attic, and the best thing a garden!!!

Usually, I’m really picky with walls and floors, but even that was the perfect match, wooden floor and white walls, exactly what I wanted!

The garden looks like a jungle, just because it rains a lot and in this time of the year with a good temperature, everything grows like crazy. But someone is going to fix it a bit, then we can do ourselves, I’m really happy with this! We found that we some grapes and a fig tree, some roses and other beautiful plants!

And I also got a new job (starting in October!) and I’ll be almost 2 months in Lisbon for summer holiday, I’m really missing it, it has been too much time since I was there (Christmas!).

And life is good!!! Have a nice week!!