As usual, the days around Christmas are crazy. This time was not an exception, I couldn’t spend the time that would like with my family and ll my friends, but somehow I managed to see all of them. Tomorrow we are going to Barcelona and enjoy a couple of days until new year.

Here are some of the presents that I made for christmas – pumpkin and nuts jam, butter cookies and lavender bags. They were a success!

2010 was a great year, and I wish everybody a wonderful 2011!


inspiration II


Christmas is almost here, and I’m preparing some presents, but I will not show it for now. We’ll travel to Lisbon this saturday, I’m really excited.

Cooking is one of my favorites things in the world, I really love to cook and have friends around the table. Of course, on Christmas all the food is even better, because everything tends to be magic and made with (more) love. So today, I’ll show some of my favorite food blogs:

In the mood for food

Jasmine Tea


Both are magic, enjoy it!

Have a nice week!



I’ve been away, but it does not mean that I lost my interested, I’m just too busy with other things in life.Sometimes, it happens!

I’ll try to be more present, even if it’s not completely related with sewing and crafts, I’ll try to share things, blogs, ideas, details of what inspires my daily life. I believe that  small things make a huge difference!

To start:

Things we forget, it’s a simple but brilliant blog with post-it messages that sometimes we tend to forget.

Have a nice Sunday!