integration facts


– Can you please check the weather??

– Sure. 10 °C

(gray and rainy sky as always!)

– Great! it’s not cold at all!

(gloves into the bag and dressed a less warmer coat. All this with a big smile, imagining a really nice warm day)


Oh God, I lost all my portuguese weather standards! 10 °C and I feel that is quite nice and comfortable, even if there is no sun…


Some days, I really wish to be able to hug and kiss them!!   Share all the laughs and see all the smiles! On the first photo is my little sister and our nephew, it’s so adorable to see little aunt and little nephew together!

Every time, I go to Lisbon I try to spend sometime with all of them (sister,nephews and little cousins), it’s not always easy, but somehow at least I try do something that they will enjoy. Sometimes, I wish to have more time together!

This photo was in the end of a summer day, we were really tired (specially me) and we spent a lovely time on one of my favorite gardens in Lisboa – jardim da estrela! I’ve wonderful photos from that day, and every time I missed them, I just look,and look (again) to the photos!

My niece is missing here, and my twin cousins also (they weren’t born yet!).

Have a nice weekend!