integration facts


– Can you please check the weather??

– Sure. 10 °C

(gray and rainy sky as always!)

– Great! it’s not cold at all!

(gloves into the bag and dressed a less warmer coat. All this with a big smile, imagining a really nice warm day)


Oh God, I lost all my portuguese weather standards! 10 °C and I feel that is quite nice and comfortable, even if there is no sun…


4 Responses to “integration facts”

  1. ei! kumpel Says:

    como te percebo! acho que também perdi todos os meus standards portugueses! Mas ao menos ficamos contentes com pouco 🙂

  2. lua d'algodão Says:

    pois,e verdade!mas este tempo comeca a ser chatinho!**

  3. Headache Says:

    Estou quase a vir de t-shirt para o trabalho…

    • lua d'algodão Says:

      Pois eu tb…quero dizer, hoje com o solzinho a bater na janela, ja tive de t-shirt,mas so dentro do escritorio!!

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