eindhoven’s market


Last week I went to the city market, there were new and beautiful new fabrics! I was so happy, of course I bought a couple of them, plus some classic ones that I was missing (dots, and so on). Nowadays, going to this market is almost impossible, due to my work, and I miss it so much. The market is always at Tuesdays in the city center, and to go there I’ve to use my lunch time…which actually is a great idea, specially when sun is out there!

Netherlands has open markets in very city and more than once a week. For food, I go to one on Saturdays,and that market is also wonderful.

So for what I’ve seen (including the famous ones in Amsterdam), Eindhoven (Tuesday market) is much better and even as more variety than the others. I guess the reason is that all the fabric shops from the villages around this region are coming to the city. and I guess, the same for the food, since this is also a farmers region!


3 Responses to “eindhoven’s market”

  1. isabel Says:

    ui..ui…na 3 feira estou aí….
    Que saudades

  2. Cláudia Says:

    Olá! Parabéns pelas fotos dos tecidos empilhados! Que alegria ver tecidos tão bonitos. Adoro tecidos, os tecidos Portugueses são igualmente lindos, mas estão a escassear… Eu que o diga…

  3. Virgínia Says:

    🙂 Vamos aí quase todos os anos e sim, esse mercado é o paraíso dos tecidos! Desta vez só comprei fruta e um gelado na carrinha de sempre 🙂

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