Marta is a cousin with who I used to spend my summer holidays. Although we were not the best friends, we had good times and I still remember when we were waiting for them…it was always with a huge expectation,  she would always bring cool stuff, specially because she used to live in Luxembourg! The clothes, the music and so on, and of course she was older than me, so the impact was bigger!

So now Marta became a mom, I know that Matilde was born, and I bet she is perfect and beautiful!

Here it’s the sling that I made for them, and a bib for Matilde!

Girls, I hope you enjoy everything and I just wish all the happiness in the world!

p.s. And today is my 30 th birthday..I’ll post later about this special day too!!!



diaper bag


It has been a long while since I came here for the last time. I’ve been busy, the days seem to have less than 24h, but life has been good. Winter is already around here, snow started yesterday and my garden is naked. I’ve been enjoying my work a lot, I’ve been learning to design so many other things  and using new tools – interaction design is awesome!

But I’ve been  missing sewing so much, that’s why I accepted this order from Susana. This is a diaper bag for her baby boy who soon will arrive.

She gave me all the freedom to choose fabrics, I love to work like this!  Just grabbing some fabrics, playing with colours, imagining the shapes and finding my way while I’m creating…it’s so inspiring.

I decided to use some elastic to hold the baby bottles.

And, she also asked for a baby document purse.

Susana, I hope you enjoy it!


using my sling


teresa 3

The best way to wake up is to find a picture like this in your mail!!!

I’m so excited!! This is the first photo that I received from one of my slings!!

Isn’t she lovely and cute?

Thank you M. & T !!

sling III



O Pedro nasce amanhã!

E este tecido da Ana Maria Horner chegou mesmo a tempo de o conseguir fazer! Do outro lado é ganga, continuo a achar que é a melhor opção  porque permite uma maior possibilidade de conjugação com as roupas da mãe!

Joana e Pedro espero que gostem!!!

Pedro will born tomorrow!

This fabric form Ana Maria Horner arrived just in time to do the sling! It’s reversible with jeans fabric on the other side! I still think that this is the best option because it gives more options when conjugate with mom’s clothes!

Joana and Pedro, I hope you enjoy it!!


Mais vale tarde do que nunca! Vai atrasado  mas espero que gostem!

The bib goes a bit late but I hope you like it!!

baby sling II



Acabadinho de fazer!

Gosto muito da combinação da chita, um tecido que é tipicamente português, com a ganga que acaba por ser fundamental no nosso dia-a-dia! O contraste é muito giro e o facto de ser reversível é uma mais valia!

Margarida, acho que consegui aquilo que querias!!!

E as minhas etiquetas a serem usadas!!!

Bom fim-de-semana!


Just finished!

I really like the combination between chita, a typical portuguese fabric, with jeans fabric which nowadays is almost indispensable!

Margarida, I think I got what you wanted!

And here are my new labels getting in use!

Nice weekend!

Baby sling



E hoje o meu primeiro sling seguiu viagem, acho que ficou querido!

Foi fácil de fazer, apenas tive alguma dificuldade na costura da parte curva do sling.


Today my first baby sling went to Lisbon! I hope you like it, I think it’s cute! Isn’t it?!

It was really easy to make but  I had ( some) trouble on the french seam, specially on the curve because it’s hard to flat it!

Hopefully, I’ll have some photos with baby insiede!