diaper bag


It has been a long while since I came here for the last time. I’ve been busy, the days seem to have less than 24h, but life has been good. Winter is already around here, snow started yesterday and my garden is naked. I’ve been enjoying my work a lot, I’ve been learning to design so many other things  and using new tools – interaction design is awesome!

But I’ve been  missing sewing so much, that’s why I accepted this order from Susana. This is a diaper bag for her baby boy who soon will arrive.

She gave me all the freedom to choose fabrics, I love to work like this!  Just grabbing some fabrics, playing with colours, imagining the shapes and finding my way while I’m creating…it’s so inspiring.

I decided to use some elastic to hold the baby bottles.

And, she also asked for a baby document purse.

Susana, I hope you enjoy it!



yellow bag


Happy new year, since it’s my first post in 2010!!I wish you the best!!

I’m back again to blog, to work, to Eindhoven, to our life and it’s been good and relaxing after the Christmas holidays, even with this freezing weather!! Going to Lisbon is always good but also very tiring!!

My dear friend Marta asked me to do a yellow bag, completely yellow, without anything more and  with an envelope pattern! Yeah right, she has a sometimes “strange” but very funny and nice taste! So this yellow bag was my Christmas present for her!!  I decide to add some buttons to give a nicer look and the lining was yellow with white dots just to keep the “yellowish”!!

I hope you enjoy it!!!

blue bag


Aqui está mais uma encomenda! Adoro este tecido e quando o comprei, imaginei logo uma mala destas!

Espero que gostes!

Here is another order! I love the fabric and when I bought, I immediately imagined one bag like this one!

I hope you like it! Enjoy it!

purple bag



My friend João asked me to do a bag on oilcloth and here it’s  easy to find them, ate least from Kitsch Kitchen but since I’m not in a big city, the options were just 5 or 6!! As soon as I looked to this purple, I thought this was exactly what she wanted…and so she chose this!

And now here is the bag! I think it’s lovely, isn’t it?

I was bit way from the blog since Berlin, I have lovely photos, soon I’ll put some of them! But between bags, slings, picking fabrics and all the rest of daily life, time flies away!

Hopefully, I’ll show more things soon!

This week is the Design week here in Eindhoven!

Grey dot bag



Aqui está mais uma encomenda!

As cores são mais tristes, tal como as do inverno, mas acho que estas bolas acabam por dar um resultado final muito giro!

Começo a gostar muito de fazer este modelo, vou sempre aperfeiçoando e acrescentando pequenas coisas!


Here is another one!

The colours are much more winter time and here  the days are grey (again!)…But I think the dots give a really nice look to the bag!

I’m really enjoying doing this model,  I always try to do something different and  also I discover little things that can be better done!


A minha amiga Sofia pediu-me  uma mala de inverno com florzinhas no forro. Sendo assim comecei por encontrar o forro que por acaso tem a cara dela!

Para modelo inspirei-me num modelo da H&M, não sendo igual, serviu para ter uma ideia do que iria fazer! Gosto do resultado rendondinho com que ficou!

Segunda feira segue no correio!


My friend Sofia ask me to do a bag for winter with little flowers inside (lining). So first I found the lining,  by the way is exactly what she wanted! In Augustus trying to find winter fabrics is not the easiest thing…but I guess it was ok!

To this bag I had in mind a H&M bag which was good to give me some guidelines. I really enjoy the round form that it has!

On Monday I’ll put it on the mail! Hope you enjoy!

Mum’s work



Aqui estão alguns dos trabalhos que a minha mãe faz. Sempre teve jeito para fazer coisas à mão, é exímia  no tricot, faz tudo para bebé, do mais perfeito e amoroso que há! Agora também ganhou o bichinho dos tecidos e tem-se aventurado por aí!


Here is some of my mum’s work. She always did some handmade stuff, specially tricot. She does beautiful and cute clothes for babies. They are so adorable!! Now she also started with crafts and some patchwork. Later, I’ll  show the quilt that she is making for my bed!