bedroom curtain


Most of the dutch houses have always a small particularity, of course my home is not an exception (we have a wash basin in our bedroom, what can I say?!! I’m already used to it, but it’s strange and somehow I’m always trying to find a way of hiding it…impossible!).

Carnival arrived here on friday and it’ll continue until tomorrow…yeah, right dutch people (south people) are crazy about this event, it’s really unbelievable!

Yesterday I decided to stay home and sewing all day, I was really missing it and guess what?! the weather also helped, snowed all day long (it’s freezing here)! I made this curtain for our bedroom, I gave a chance  to this fabric (I bought it last year and then I decided that I didn’t like it…and yesterday, it look nice again!). The curtain is ready . Also I’m working on a wall organizer…Hopefully, it’ll look great!

I hope you have a nice week!!