As usual, the days around Christmas are crazy. This time was not an exception, I couldn’t spend the time that would like with my family and ll my friends, but somehow I managed to see all of them. Tomorrow we are going to Barcelona and enjoy a couple of days until new year.

Here are some of the presents that I made for christmas – pumpkin and nuts jam, butter cookies and lavender bags. They were a success!

2010 was a great year, and I wish everybody a wonderful 2011!


inspiration II


Christmas is almost here, and I’m preparing some presents, but I will not show it for now. We’ll travel to Lisbon this saturday, I’m really excited.

Cooking is one of my favorites things in the world, I really love to cook and have friends around the table. Of course, on Christmas all the food is even better, because everything tends to be magic and made with (more) love. So today, I’ll show some of my favorite food blogs:

In the mood for food

Jasmine Tea


Both are magic, enjoy it!

Have a nice week!

cozy weekends


The cold days already arrived, and I’m trying to adjust (again) to these rainy days! The weekends  have been good, but most of the times with indoor activities. I did some marmalade, this always reminds me my childhood endless summers – after two weeks in my grandmother and family farm, we would return to Lisbon, with small hearts because the holidays were ending, but with car full of quinces and other precious things. And then, I remember to see everybody in the kitchen preparing and doing marmalade…oohhh, sweet memories!!

Have a nice weekend!



Next Friday we go to Portugal by car and we will travel a bit around France and Spain and probably on Sunday we are already in Lisbon! I’m looking forward to it! I will be there for almost 2 months, lucky me!

Thursday is my last day at Philips and as a goodbye present I made some strawberry jam ( I did a couple of months ago with this purpose and also for us!) and I baked some chocolate &  pumpkin seed cookies! Delicious!

I know that for the next couple of months, the blog will be more calm but I’ll try to update some photos and news!

Have a nice summer holiday!!



For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been doing bread. I keep the dough on the fridge and then we have always  fresh bread during week. It´s so good and delicious, and the best thing it remembers our portuguese bread, now I only miss the butter!! The best part, it’s so easy to make!!

I also use it for pizzas, and it works perfectly, even the our Italians friends were surprised by it!!

nutella cupcakes


Cooking is also one of my passions, I just love to create and find different flavours, it’s always amazing…and now it’s part of my job, I do research about eating behaviours!

Although cupcakes ( I was inspired by this blog) are very typical, they  are a wonderful solution for a cosy sunday, specially when it’s cold outside! Delicous!!!!

The snow came again, everything turned white but the days are lighter and a bit warmer…I’ve been missing the spring and sewing –  I really need to start something, but these days time flew by!

sunday’s tea time



Do you know that dutch people (or at least the shops) are crazy about red things with white dots?? For me it’s  great because I also love it and I can always find something… Today I found these paper holders for the muffins and of course I had to try them!