Last week I went to the city market, there were new and beautiful new fabrics! I was so happy, of course I bought a couple of them, plus some classic ones that I was missing (dots, and so on). Nowadays, going to this market is almost impossible, due to my work, and I miss it so much. The market is always at Tuesdays in the city center, and to go there I’ve to use my lunch time…which actually is a great idea, specially when sun is out there!

Netherlands has open markets in very city and more than once a week. For food, I go to one on Saturdays,and that market is also wonderful.

So for what I’ve seen (including the famous ones in Amsterdam), Eindhoven (Tuesday market) is much better and even as more variety than the others. I guess the reason is that all the fabric shops from the villages around this region are coming to the city. and I guess, the same for the food, since this is also a farmers region!




Next weekend we are going to London…I’m so happy! I need all the tips for crafts and fabrics shops,markets and so on!!!

Can you help me?

Thanks!! Have a nice weekend!*

quilt I


They arrived yesterday, I’m happy with the colours and the way they fit together!  I’m so excited, in the next weeks (maybe months) I’ll show some steps of this big adventure…making a Quilt!!

I’m dreaming and wondering about the final result!

my little corner


We live in a small apartment which sometimes can be a problem because space is always missing. Basically we have a nice living room, where there is a corner for my work !! Pedro a few months ago gave me this closet for my fabrics, I really love it and somehow we found away to look nice our living/working room!

Here is my corner, the blue base was made with extra “yellow pages” covered by this lovely Ikea fabric! Sometimes I get a lot of pain on my neck when I’m sewing, so the base works for that moments!

And this is my machine, I really like it and it works pretty ok!!! Today I spent the afternoon sewing and working in a new project! I was really missing it, was so good!!! Soon, I’ll do something for that white wall in front, I wish it was a window full of light, sun and blue sky!!!

I wish you a nice week!!

Hoje foi o último dia em que fui ao mercado das 3ª feiras pelo menos nos próximos 6 meses e claro tive que me abastecer!!! Finalmente consegui arranjar um estágio em Psicologia, umas das minhas paixões e desde que mudei para aqui, que não tenho estado a trabalhar na área – mas foi por isso que nasceu este projecto! Agora resta-me conciliar e adaptar-me a esta nova etapa, com a certeza que as costuras vão continuar!

Mas que estou feliz, estou! A espera foi grande, mas a conquista sabe muito bem!!!

Today was the last day on the Tuesday’s market at least for the next 6 months and of course I bought some stuff to guarantee my survival! The reason for this is really good, it’s because I got an internship in psychology, one of my passions and since I moved here I haven’t been working in this area – but that’s why this project was born! Now I just need to adapt myself  to the new schedules, but for sure that my handcraft work will go on!

I’m really happy, the wait was long but the conquest is quite a felling!

new fabrics



Que bom!! Chegaram novos tecidos, alguns para Natal, outros para os slings e outros da Amy Butler, com cores lindas de morrer! É pena que a luz por estes lados esteja tão cinzenta para tirar fotografias!

Comprei-os aqui e como seria de esperar os pacotes vinham amorosos!

I’m so excited, my new fabrics arrived!!! I bought some for Christmas, others to make baby slings and of course 3 from Amy Butler! The colours are beautiful but the light here is not good for nice pictures, it’s really a pity!

I bought them here and of course the package was sweet!






That’s why I love Tuesday mornings!