Marta is a cousin with who I used to spend my summer holidays. Although we were not the best friends, we had good times and I still remember when we were waiting for them…it was always with a huge expectation,  she would always bring cool stuff, specially because she used to live in Luxembourg! The clothes, the music and so on, and of course she was older than me, so the impact was bigger!

So now Marta became a mom, I know that Matilde was born, and I bet she is perfect and beautiful!

Here it’s the sling that I made for them, and a bib for Matilde!

Girls, I hope you enjoy everything and I just wish all the happiness in the world!

p.s. And today is my 30 th birthday..I’ll post later about this special day too!!!



Some days, I really wish to be able to hug and kiss them!!   Share all the laughs and see all the smiles! On the first photo is my little sister and our nephew, it’s so adorable to see little aunt and little nephew together!

Every time, I go to Lisbon I try to spend sometime with all of them (sister,nephews and little cousins), it’s not always easy, but somehow at least I try do something that they will enjoy. Sometimes, I wish to have more time together!

This photo was in the end of a summer day, we were really tired (specially me) and we spent a lovely time on one of my favorite gardens in Lisboa – jardim da estrela! I’ve wonderful photos from that day, and every time I missed them, I just look,and look (again) to the photos!

My niece is missing here, and my twin cousins also (they weren’t born yet!).

Have a nice weekend!




Finally, today I had time to go to post office and get it! Straight from Singapore until Eindhoven, a present for P. (from me!).  Did I already said that I love  things we forget ?

This weekend, we have to frame it!

Enjoy the rest of the week!




As usual, the days around Christmas are crazy. This time was not an exception, I couldn’t spend the time that would like with my family and ll my friends, but somehow I managed to see all of them. Tomorrow we are going to Barcelona and enjoy a couple of days until new year.

Here are some of the presents that I made for christmas – pumpkin and nuts jam, butter cookies and lavender bags. They were a success!

2010 was a great year, and I wish everybody a wonderful 2011!

cozy weekends


The cold days already arrived, and I’m trying to adjust (again) to these rainy days! The weekends  have been good, but most of the times with indoor activities. I did some marmalade, this always reminds me my childhood endless summers – after two weeks in my grandmother and family farm, we would return to Lisbon, with small hearts because the holidays were ending, but with car full of quinces and other precious things. And then, I remember to see everybody in the kitchen preparing and doing marmalade…oohhh, sweet memories!!

Have a nice weekend!



From country living

 The last weeks have been busy and really warm! Almost 3 weeks of good weather and temperatures around 3) (some days above 33) degrees, is something that I had forgotten…amazing!It’s a good preparation for my summer in Portugal, I’m not use anymore!

Last weekend, we paint the house, it was funny but really hard too. Saturday it was the warmest day around here (37) and can you imagine how painful is to paint a house like this, specially because dutch houses are not prepared to warm weather,only for cold!! Now it’s done and ready to move!

Some things were missing, so Iwe bought a lovely table for my sewing studio and and a closet on the 2nd hand market…it’s white and lovely, as I like it! Of course it was cheap!

Besides this, in the end of july I’m finishing my contract in Philips, and I’ll have 2 months of holiday! Of course the quilt has to be finished in a couple of weeks, the good thing is I’m starting the binding this week,so I think I can manage!

Now wish me luck for the moving on this weekend!!

Have a nice week!


new house


We are going to move (again)!! We weren’t plan but one day I was look just to see if there was any opportunity, and we found this house. This was what we always wanted since we moved, but usually it’s really difficult to find something with an affordable price and not so faraway from the city center!

The best thing when we visited, it was exactly what we want – A typical dutch family house with 3 bedrooms (dutch don’t have big rooms!!), a nice living room, a nice kitchen (although the colours are not brilliant), some storage room, an attic, and the best thing a garden!!!

Usually, I’m really picky with walls and floors, but even that was the perfect match, wooden floor and white walls, exactly what I wanted!

The garden looks like a jungle, just because it rains a lot and in this time of the year with a good temperature, everything grows like crazy. But someone is going to fix it a bit, then we can do ourselves, I’m really happy with this! We found that we some grapes and a fig tree, some roses and other beautiful plants!

And I also got a new job (starting in October!) and I’ll be almost 2 months in Lisbon for summer holiday, I’m really missing it, it has been too much time since I was there (Christmas!).

And life is good!!! Have a nice week!!