From country living

 The last weeks have been busy and really warm! Almost 3 weeks of good weather and temperatures around 3) (some days above 33) degrees, is something that I had forgotten…amazing!It’s a good preparation for my summer in Portugal, I’m not use anymore!

Last weekend, we paint the house, it was funny but really hard too. Saturday it was the warmest day around here (37) and can you imagine how painful is to paint a house like this, specially because dutch houses are not prepared to warm weather,only for cold!! Now it’s done and ready to move!

Some things were missing, so Iwe bought a lovely table for my sewing studio and and a closet on the 2nd hand market…it’s white and lovely, as I like it! Of course it was cheap!

Besides this, in the end of july I’m finishing my contract in Philips, and I’ll have 2 months of holiday! Of course the quilt has to be finished in a couple of weeks, the good thing is I’m starting the binding this week,so I think I can manage!

Now wish me luck for the moving on this weekend!!

Have a nice week!



new house


We are going to move (again)!! We weren’t plan but one day I was look just to see if there was any opportunity, and we found this house. This was what we always wanted since we moved, but usually it’s really difficult to find something with an affordable price and not so faraway from the city center!

The best thing when we visited, it was exactly what we want – A typical dutch family house with 3 bedrooms (dutch don’t have big rooms!!), a nice living room, a nice kitchen (although the colours are not brilliant), some storage room, an attic, and the best thing a garden!!!

Usually, I’m really picky with walls and floors, but even that was the perfect match, wooden floor and white walls, exactly what I wanted!

The garden looks like a jungle, just because it rains a lot and in this time of the year with a good temperature, everything grows like crazy. But someone is going to fix it a bit, then we can do ourselves, I’m really happy with this! We found that we some grapes and a fig tree, some roses and other beautiful plants!

And I also got a new job (starting in October!) and I’ll be almost 2 months in Lisbon for summer holiday, I’m really missing it, it has been too much time since I was there (Christmas!).

And life is good!!! Have a nice week!!

spring weekend


Spring finally arrived, we had a great weekend!

We were enjoying the sun in the park,baking bread and chocolate cake, taking care of our balcony  – planting  new flowers (daisies) and herbs. Going to the market in this time of the year is marvellous, we just wanted to bring all the flowers and new fruits for the week, the smell in the air is delicious! And in the end of the days I sewed the quilt  while enjoying the lovely sunset, so much light!!

I will show more photos during the week! Have a nice week!

This is my favourite tree, and now they are blossoming all around, lovely!!

bedroom curtain


Most of the dutch houses have always a small particularity, of course my home is not an exception (we have a wash basin in our bedroom, what can I say?!! I’m already used to it, but it’s strange and somehow I’m always trying to find a way of hiding it…impossible!).

Carnival arrived here on friday and it’ll continue until tomorrow…yeah, right dutch people (south people) are crazy about this event, it’s really unbelievable!

Yesterday I decided to stay home and sewing all day, I was really missing it and guess what?! the weather also helped, snowed all day long (it’s freezing here)! I made this curtain for our bedroom, I gave a chance  to this fabric (I bought it last year and then I decided that I didn’t like it…and yesterday, it look nice again!). The curtain is ready . Also I’m working on a wall organizer…Hopefully, it’ll look great!

I hope you have a nice week!!

my little corner


We live in a small apartment which sometimes can be a problem because space is always missing. Basically we have a nice living room, where there is a corner for my work !! Pedro a few months ago gave me this closet for my fabrics, I really love it and somehow we found away to look nice our living/working room!

Here is my corner, the blue base was made with extra “yellow pages” covered by this lovely Ikea fabric! Sometimes I get a lot of pain on my neck when I’m sewing, so the base works for that moments!

And this is my machine, I really like it and it works pretty ok!!! Today I spent the afternoon sewing and working in a new project! I was really missing it, was so good!!! Soon, I’ll do something for that white wall in front, I wish it was a window full of light, sun and blue sky!!!

I wish you a nice week!!

Santa Claus shop


Durante o dia corto, coso e prepro encomendas e presentas de natal! As bolsinhas tem sido um sucesso!

À noite, sento-me no sofá a ver séries e a coser efeites de Natal cá para casa! Acho que estão muito giros, agora só falta a àrvore, espero rapidamente tratar disso!

During the day, I cut, I sew and I prepare the Christmas orders and presents! The pouches are a success!

At night, while watching some tv shows on my coach, I sew my christmas ornaments for our tree, which I hope to have really soon!

A minha mãe chegou há uma semana e temos estado a passear por aí…As cores de outono estão lindas por aqui!Tem sido muito bom, já comecei a fazer os primeiros efeites de natal!


Não resisti a estas bolas para a minha árvore de natal! E a caixa em que vêm também é deliciosa!


My mum arrived a week ago and we’ve been traveling around here…The fall colours are lovely in this time of the year! I already started with my first christmas crafts for my tree! Also, I couldn’t resist to this lovely christmas balls!