A few months ago, I start to learn to knit while mum was here, she’s an expert! Meanwhile, I learned the basics, but never did anything. Now during this month while I was in Lisbon and with my mum supervision, I decided that was time to try it for real!

So I did this fingerless gloves that I’ve been using almost everyday since I came back, indeed days are getting cold and gray. I also started a neckwarmer, but it goes slowly because every time I make a mistake, I do not have my mum around and things get more difficult. Anyway, I’m happy with this try, and I’m enjoying knitting during the evenings!


new experiences


London was great, I lot of shopping but barely anything concern to fabrics. This book was a present from London!

Now my mum is here, she arrived last thursday. Yesterday I started to learn how to knit, my mum does really amazing things on this art, specially for babies! I grew up in living rooms full of women (grandmother, aunts, mum,cousins, etc) knitting all the time! Now, we bought a cheap wool and I started…but for me, it´s not easy and I´m constantly fighting with the needles!!

Have a nice week!!