Some days, I really wish to be able to hug and kiss them!!   Share all the laughs and see all the smiles! On the first photo is my little sister and our nephew, it’s so adorable to see little aunt and little nephew together!

Every time, I go to Lisbon I try to spend sometime with all of them (sister,nephews and little cousins), it’s not always easy, but somehow at least I try do something that they will enjoy. Sometimes, I wish to have more time together!

This photo was in the end of a summer day, we were really tired (specially me) and we spent a lovely time on one of my favorite gardens in Lisboa – jardim da estrela! I’ve wonderful photos from that day, and every time I missed them, I just look,and look (again) to the photos!

My niece is missing here, and my twin cousins also (they weren’t born yet!).

Have a nice weekend!





As usual, the days around Christmas are crazy. This time was not an exception, I couldn’t spend the time that would like with my family and ll my friends, but somehow I managed to see all of them. Tomorrow we are going to Barcelona and enjoy a couple of days until new year.

Here are some of the presents that I made for christmas – pumpkin and nuts jam, butter cookies and lavender bags. They were a success!

2010 was a great year, and I wish everybody a wonderful 2011!



A few months ago, I start to learn to knit while mum was here, she’s an expert! Meanwhile, I learned the basics, but never did anything. Now during this month while I was in Lisbon and with my mum supervision, I decided that was time to try it for real!

So I did this fingerless gloves that I’ve been using almost everyday since I came back, indeed days are getting cold and gray. I also started a neckwarmer, but it goes slowly because every time I make a mistake, I do not have my mum around and things get more difficult. Anyway, I’m happy with this try, and I’m enjoying knitting during the evenings!



The holidays were good and long like they used to be during school.I still have one and half week of holidays, lucky me, but I’m looking forward to start my “new” life. September for me is always the beginning of a new year, where you plan and prepare yourself for all the new projects. I said goodbye to summer and my sweet Lisboa and on my last day I went  with my mum one more time to the beach. Seriously, this year the weather and the water temperature was really good.

At home I had some sunflowers waiting for me and my love. When we were traveling to Portugal, I fell  in love with the  sunflowers’ landscapes in France. I’ll try to show some photos later!

In the garden, there are still some grapes but we can start to see that the Autumn has arrived. The grapes are not the super sweet but we are in the Netherlands, what could we expected?

Mushrooms are growing everywhere , different colours, sizes and shapes.

But I still could find some blackberries.

Have a nice day!!

I love white !!


Adoro branco, sinto-me inspirada e apesar de já ter muita coisa branca em casa, um dia quero ter imagens como estas!! Adoro a luz  que reflecte e a serenidade que me transmite!! E ando a precisar de dias de primavera cheios  de sol! A foto é daqui e este é o seu blogue! (e sim, já consigo ler quse tudo em holandês!)

I love white and I feel very inspired by it!  One day I hope to live in a house surround by white, although I already have  most of the things in white! I love the reflection of light!! And I guess I’m really missing the spring and all the sunny light!! The photo was from here and her blog ! (and I already can read most of the dutch things!!)

p.s. Os últimos dias foram agitados por aqui…mas aquela agitação (muito boa) de quem recebe visitas de Lisboa!!



Desde que cheguei que tem sido uma correria, os últimos dias em Eindhoven foram passados de molho com gripe, depois os presentes ficaram todos por fazer, a máquina da minha mãe não cosia, a misturar  a tudo isto, os jantares e o rever da familia e dos amigos…enfim, muitot bom, mas uma canseira!

Venho aqui desejar um óptimo 2010 para todos!!! agora é aproveitar os últimos dias em terras lusas, ao menos o sol podia brilhar…isso é que era bom!!