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At our garden!


Yesterday morning we had this lovely flower on our window, it open during the night!! It was a lost bulb that I found on our garden, and I read that you can just put them on the water (the base and the roots of the bulb need to be in touch with water), and they will grow!! It’ s a really nice idea and of course if you have the heating system under it, it speeds up the process.

And we are having blue skies and sunny days!

(p.s. even if it still freezing, like -1 to 5 degrees)

integration facts


– Can you please check the weather??

– Sure. 10 °C

(gray and rainy sky as always!)

– Great! it’s not cold at all!

(gloves into the bag and dressed a less warmer coat. All this with a big smile, imagining a really nice warm day)


Oh God, I lost all my portuguese weather standards! 10 °C and I feel that is quite nice and comfortable, even if there is no sun…

Some days, I really wish to be able to hug and kiss them!!   Share all the laughs and see all the smiles! On the first photo is my little sister and our nephew, it’s so adorable to see little aunt and little nephew together!

Every time, I go to Lisbon I try to spend sometime with all of them (sister,nephews and little cousins), it’s not always easy, but somehow at least I try do something that they will enjoy. Sometimes, I wish to have more time together!

This photo was in the end of a summer day, we were really tired (specially me) and we spent a lovely time on one of my favorite gardens in Lisboa – jardim da estrela! I’ve wonderful photos from that day, and every time I missed them, I just look,and look (again) to the photos!

My niece is missing here, and my twin cousins also (they weren’t born yet!).

Have a nice weekend!



It’s still a bit early…but indeed, I’ve the feeling that spring is almost here! We had some really nice weather, I mean blue skies and sunny days, but it’s still freezing. Nevertheless, as soon as the sun starts to shine, we can immediately see bulbs popping out, our garden is not an exception…it’s amazing!

On the market, on the supermarkets, on the shops, we can already see loads of new flowers, bulbs, garden tools and so on… everything is getting ready for spring! I bought these two bulbs for my office, to have more color and beauty around me!Nowadays, a blue sky and a sunny day means the world to me…is the kind of thing that you only value as soon as you don’t have it, specially when you grew up in Lisboa, where sunny days are the routine!

It’s amazing the colors that this country has during spring, and I’m looking forward to it!(autumn is also beautiful).

Have a nice week!




Finally, today I had time to go to post office and get it! Straight from Singapore until Eindhoven, a present for P. (from me!).  Did I already said that I love  things we forget ?

This weekend, we have to frame it!

Enjoy the rest of the week!


new year


I noticed now that I don’t write here since last here…For this year, I wish:

– to sew more

-to blog more

– to have challenging projects

-to photograph more

– to create more

– to learn new recipes

-to be more inspired

– to garden more

– to enjoy daily life small & beautiful things

– to travel (more)

Do You know this blog?It’s a free art project where you can download images from different artists!Wonderful!

Have a nice week!