new year


I noticed now that I don’t write here since last here…For this year, I wish:

– to sew more

-to blog more

– to have challenging projects

-to photograph more

– to create more

– to learn new recipes

-to be more inspired

– to garden more

– to enjoy daily life small & beautiful things

– to travel (more)

Do You know this blog?It’s a free art project where you can download images from different artists!Wonderful!

Have a nice week!



cozy weekends


The cold days already arrived, and I’m trying to adjust (again) to these rainy days! The weekends  have been good, but most of the times with indoor activities. I did some marmalade, this always reminds me my childhood endless summers – after two weeks in my grandmother and family farm, we would return to Lisbon, with small hearts because the holidays were ending, but with car full of quinces and other precious things. And then, I remember to see everybody in the kitchen preparing and doing marmalade…oohhh, sweet memories!!

Have a nice weekend!

new life


I started yesterday a new work/program at the university of Eindhoven! Two years where I’ll work hard and have lots of fun, and I’ll be specialized in user-system interaction.  For sure this is a challenging position  for a clinical psychologist, as me,  in one  of the most pure technical/engineering environment and university in the world! So I’m not sure if it’ll be possible to avoid becoming a “bit nerd and geek”, but I hope that once a psychologist always a psychologist!

Anyway, I’m enjoying these days!



From country living

 The last weeks have been busy and really warm! Almost 3 weeks of good weather and temperatures around 3) (some days above 33) degrees, is something that I had forgotten…amazing!It’s a good preparation for my summer in Portugal, I’m not use anymore!

Last weekend, we paint the house, it was funny but really hard too. Saturday it was the warmest day around here (37) and can you imagine how painful is to paint a house like this, specially because dutch houses are not prepared to warm weather,only for cold!! Now it’s done and ready to move!

Some things were missing, so Iwe bought a lovely table for my sewing studio and and a closet on the 2nd hand market…it’s white and lovely, as I like it! Of course it was cheap!

Besides this, in the end of july I’m finishing my contract in Philips, and I’ll have 2 months of holiday! Of course the quilt has to be finished in a couple of weeks, the good thing is I’m starting the binding this week,so I think I can manage!

Now wish me luck for the moving on this weekend!!

Have a nice week!


Pfaff 130


The Queens Day is one of the most famous holidays in the Netherlands. It’s on 30 of April and usually it starts in the evening of the 29. On the Queens day, Dutch people go to the streets to sell everything, always with something orange  dressed and of course with a lot of beer and music surrounding! The streets are pure open markets, it´s the only day where taxes are not charged (here you pay for everything,literally!),which means that everybody tries to sell the whole house, the garbage and all the stuff that they need to get rid of! There is a lot of junk and broken stuff, but you can find some beautiful things!

This Pfaff was what I got, I found it in the middle of the street! It´s perfect with some small age scars,it was really cheap (10 euros!!) and it works! I just need to clean it and put it beautiful, find a leather rope to make the connection, and voilá! It was amazing to find, in the drawer, the instruction book (in dutch…I’ll have some headaches, it’s good to improve my dutch skills!),  a lot of different feet, needles, a pincushion and some drawers and tools! I feel that the machine brings a story together, someone was using it for a long while (I hope so!!).

Carry the machine was also an adventure, cars are not allowed in the center, everybody is drunk and you can barely walk in the streets! Plus,it weights more and less the same as me! But with good friends,it arrived safe at home! Now I don’t get tired of looking to it and wonder about all the stories!And it fits quite good in my living room!!!

I’m happy!

Have a nice week!



Today, is my birthday and one year ago in the middle of March, I started this blog!!! So, this is also special occasion for my blog, it was born with no kind of expectations and because I’m a bit shy I don’t show my work to a lot of people…but I think I’m starting to have my readers and, although my craft work goes a bit slow, I still love and enjoy all this world and work! And there are days, where I really miss have more time to sewing!

The photo is a top that I bought for myself as birthday present, hehehe! It arrived last week with my mum, it’s really good to have my mum around here these days! I bought it in this lovely blog from Madalena, I hope you enjoy her work! I just love my top!!

I love white !!


Adoro branco, sinto-me inspirada e apesar de já ter muita coisa branca em casa, um dia quero ter imagens como estas!! Adoro a luz  que reflecte e a serenidade que me transmite!! E ando a precisar de dias de primavera cheios  de sol! A foto é daqui e este é o seu blogue! (e sim, já consigo ler quse tudo em holandês!)

I love white and I feel very inspired by it!  One day I hope to live in a house surround by white, although I already have  most of the things in white! I love the reflection of light!! And I guess I’m really missing the spring and all the sunny light!! The photo was from here and her blog ! (and I already can read most of the dutch things!!)

p.s. Os últimos dias foram agitados por aqui…mas aquela agitação (muito boa) de quem recebe visitas de Lisboa!!