integration facts


– Can you please check the weather??

– Sure. 10 °C

(gray and rainy sky as always!)

– Great! it’s not cold at all!

(gloves into the bag and dressed a less warmer coat. All this with a big smile, imagining a really nice warm day)


Oh God, I lost all my portuguese weather standards! 10 °C and I feel that is quite nice and comfortable, even if there is no sun…


cozy weekends


The cold days already arrived, and I’m trying to adjust (again) to these rainy days! The weekends  have been good, but most of the times with indoor activities. I did some marmalade, this always reminds me my childhood endless summers – after two weeks in my grandmother and family farm, we would return to Lisbon, with small hearts because the holidays were ending, but with car full of quinces and other precious things. And then, I remember to see everybody in the kitchen preparing and doing marmalade…oohhh, sweet memories!!

Have a nice weekend!



The holidays were good and long like they used to be during school.I still have one and half week of holidays, lucky me, but I’m looking forward to start my “new” life. September for me is always the beginning of a new year, where you plan and prepare yourself for all the new projects. I said goodbye to summer and my sweet Lisboa and on my last day I went  with my mum one more time to the beach. Seriously, this year the weather and the water temperature was really good.

At home I had some sunflowers waiting for me and my love. When we were traveling to Portugal, I fell  in love with the  sunflowers’ landscapes in France. I’ll try to show some photos later!

In the garden, there are still some grapes but we can start to see that the Autumn has arrived. The grapes are not the super sweet but we are in the Netherlands, what could we expected?

Mushrooms are growing everywhere , different colours, sizes and shapes.

But I still could find some blackberries.

Have a nice day!!



One year ago, the spring was already here in full power, as you can see by the photos. Now there are some bulbs and flowers, but most of the trees are still naked, the weather is still a bit cold, specially the mornings, but we have  some sun visits…but still, not enough! Blossom and spring are still is a bit late, and I’m starting to feel anxious to put away all my winter clothes…Every time I try it now, I always regret! There are things in life that will never change and indeed my portuguese genes don’t let me feel like spring or summer with 15 º and 3º in the morning!

blue sky


And finally, there is a blue sky!!! One full week of sun and blue sky, I’m happy, although is still freezing (3º, -6º). But I feel that spring is arriving and indeed people get use to this weather…I’m becoming so “dutch”, as soon as I see sun trough the window, I want to go outside without gloves, etc, and with 5 º I almost feel that is summer!!! I can´t imagine what happens when I´m going to Portugal with 30 degrees…

Meanwhile, I’m doing some pouches and other stuff that people asked me! Soon, I will show photos!

snow is going away


This doens’t mean the weather is getting better…if the temperature is higher, rain is more probable (yack!)!! OK, now we are around 2ºc as  maxium!!improving, hum?! The truth is that for a month, this country was (still is) surrounding by white, it’s beautiful and cold, but sometimes I just get so tired due to the grey colours and lights!

I just need a blue sunny sky,even if it’s cold!!

I’m planning to be back in the business and start working again on my things, but all these adjustments take some time!

Have a nice weekend!!