new life


I started yesterday a new work/program at the university of Eindhoven! Two years where I’ll work hard and have lots of fun, and I’ll be specialized in user-system interaction.  For sure this is a challenging position  for a clinical psychologist, as me,  in one  of the most pure technical/engineering environment and university in the world! So I’m not sure if it’ll be possible to avoid becoming a “bit nerd and geek”, but I hope that once a psychologist always a psychologist!

Anyway, I’m enjoying these days!


sling IV


I made this sling a few weeks ago, it’ll be a nice Christmas present! As you see the days are grey  and the winter is arriving…for me it’s the worst part around here!

My friend João was here for a few days and we’ve been enjoying these days around here, Maastricht and Antwerpen, (these are 2 of my favourites cities)- traveling, shopping and girls talk!! It was so good and this was good end of my “work holidays”! Today, it was my first day and it was really good to start reading (again & more) about psychology too!

Hoje foi o último dia em que fui ao mercado das 3ª feiras pelo menos nos próximos 6 meses e claro tive que me abastecer!!! Finalmente consegui arranjar um estágio em Psicologia, umas das minhas paixões e desde que mudei para aqui, que não tenho estado a trabalhar na área – mas foi por isso que nasceu este projecto! Agora resta-me conciliar e adaptar-me a esta nova etapa, com a certeza que as costuras vão continuar!

Mas que estou feliz, estou! A espera foi grande, mas a conquista sabe muito bem!!!

Today was the last day on the Tuesday’s market at least for the next 6 months and of course I bought some stuff to guarantee my survival! The reason for this is really good, it’s because I got an internship in psychology, one of my passions and since I moved here I haven’t been working in this area – but that’s why this project was born! Now I just need to adapt myself  to the new schedules, but for sure that my handcraft work will go on!

I’m really happy, the wait was long but the conquest is quite a felling!