A Quilt for Sofia


The last couple of weeks were crazy, between painting and moving to a new house with 35 degrees, and finishing the quilt, I had no time left!Now everything is done, we are enjoying the last couple of days with good weather around here and counting down the days to Portugal!

The quilt is finished, and I’ve learned so much while I was doing it! It´s not perfect, I still do small mistakes because I’ve never had done one before, but with the time I’m getting there. I’ve learned  a couple of lessons and one for sure is never do a quilt under 35 degrees…it´s crazy!

I really enjoyed doing it, I did it with all the care in the world, my evenings were lovely while I was sewing by hand, and I think after summer, I’ll start one for us, for sure! Yesterday, it was my first evening without sewing and it was a bit strange…I think at a certain point the quilt is part of you, it’ s funny!

Sofia, I hope you enjoy it, this is your quilt!! See you here on Sunday!!


quilt IV


I had a lovely sunday doing strawberry jam and handquilting, since the bad weather is still around…Have a nice week!

quilt III


Yesterday, we spent a lovely day in Amsterdam with some family, friends, shopping and a sunny day!Today I had a nice day arround this quilt, it’s becoming beautiful!! And the best thing, tomorrow is a holiday, and apparently the good weather is going to stay!

Have  a nice week!

Work in Progress



Tem estado muito calor para estes lados, e portanto todos os projectos avançam mais devagarinho! Tenho estado a fazer um coin quilt, os quadrados estão quase todos cosidos, e depois terei que voltar a passar tudo a ferro, pois já ganharam muitos víncos! O babete também, está quase pronto, mas tenho tido alguma dificuldade no debrum à volta do pescoço (não gosto de fazer esta parte!!)…se não ficar como quero, volto a desmanchar tudo!

Lately, it’s so warm around here, so the projects are going slower! I’m working on a coin quilt, and now I’ve to finish the blocks and ironing again everything! It really needs..and it’s so hot! Also, I’m doing a bib, but I’m having some problems with the binding around the neck!