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At our garden!


Last week I went to the city market, there were new and beautiful new fabrics! I was so happy, of course I bought a couple of them, plus some classic ones that I was missing (dots, and so on). Nowadays, going to this market is almost impossible, due to my work, and I miss it so much. The market is always at Tuesdays in the city center, and to go there I’ve to use my lunch time…which actually is a great idea, specially when sun is out there!

Netherlands has open markets in very city and more than once a week. For food, I go to one on Saturdays,and that market is also wonderful.

So for what I’ve seen (including the famous ones in Amsterdam), Eindhoven (Tuesday market) is much better and even as more variety than the others. I guess the reason is that all the fabric shops from the villages around this region are coming to the city. and I guess, the same for the food, since this is also a farmers region!

Yesterday morning we had this lovely flower on our window, it open during the night!! It was a lost bulb that I found on our garden, and I read that you can just put them on the water (the base and the roots of the bulb need to be in touch with water), and they will grow!! It’ s a really nice idea and of course if you have the heating system under it, it speeds up the process.

And we are having blue skies and sunny days!

(p.s. even if it still freezing, like -1 to 5 degrees)


It’s still a bit early…but indeed, I’ve the feeling that spring is almost here! We had some really nice weather, I mean blue skies and sunny days, but it’s still freezing. Nevertheless, as soon as the sun starts to shine, we can immediately see bulbs popping out, our garden is not an exception…it’s amazing!

On the market, on the supermarkets, on the shops, we can already see loads of new flowers, bulbs, garden tools and so on… everything is getting ready for spring! I bought these two bulbs for my office, to have more color and beauty around me!Nowadays, a blue sky and a sunny day means the world to me…is the kind of thing that you only value as soon as you don’t have it, specially when you grew up in Lisboa, where sunny days are the routine!

It’s amazing the colors that this country has during spring, and I’m looking forward to it!(autumn is also beautiful).

Have a nice week!


quilt III


Yesterday, we spent a lovely day in Amsterdam with some family, friends, shopping and a sunny day!Today I had a nice day arround this quilt, it’s becoming beautiful!! And the best thing, tomorrow is a holiday, and apparently the good weather is going to stay!

Have  a nice week!

spring weekend


Spring finally arrived, we had a great weekend!

We were enjoying the sun in the park,baking bread and chocolate cake, taking care of our balcony  – planting  new flowers (daisies) and herbs. Going to the market in this time of the year is marvellous, we just wanted to bring all the flowers and new fruits for the week, the smell in the air is delicious! And in the end of the days I sewed the quilt  while enjoying the lovely sunset, so much light!!

I will show more photos during the week! Have a nice week!

This is my favourite tree, and now they are blossoming all around, lovely!!



One year ago, the spring was already here in full power, as you can see by the photos. Now there are some bulbs and flowers, but most of the trees are still naked, the weather is still a bit cold, specially the mornings, but we have  some sun visits…but still, not enough! Blossom and spring are still is a bit late, and I’m starting to feel anxious to put away all my winter clothes…Every time I try it now, I always regret! There are things in life that will never change and indeed my portuguese genes don’t let me feel like spring or summer with 15 º and 3º in the morning!