Some days, I really wish to be able to hug and kiss them!!   Share all the laughs and see all the smiles! On the first photo is my little sister and our nephew, it’s so adorable to see little aunt and little nephew together!

Every time, I go to Lisbon I try to spend sometime with all of them (sister,nephews and little cousins), it’s not always easy, but somehow at least I try do something that they will enjoy. Sometimes, I wish to have more time together!

This photo was in the end of a summer day, we were really tired (specially me) and we spent a lovely time on one of my favorite gardens in Lisboa – jardim da estrela! I’ve wonderful photos from that day, and every time I missed them, I just look,and look (again) to the photos!

My niece is missing here, and my twin cousins also (they weren’t born yet!).

Have a nice weekend!





The holidays were good and long like they used to be during school.I still have one and half week of holidays, lucky me, but I’m looking forward to start my “new” life. September for me is always the beginning of a new year, where you plan and prepare yourself for all the new projects. I said goodbye to summer and my sweet Lisboa and on my last day I went  with my mum one more time to the beach. Seriously, this year the weather and the water temperature was really good.

At home I had some sunflowers waiting for me and my love. When we were traveling to Portugal, I fell  in love with the  sunflowers’ landscapes in France. I’ll try to show some photos later!

In the garden, there are still some grapes but we can start to see that the Autumn has arrived. The grapes are not the super sweet but we are in the Netherlands, what could we expected?

Mushrooms are growing everywhere , different colours, sizes and shapes.

But I still could find some blackberries.

Have a nice day!!



Next Friday we go to Portugal by car and we will travel a bit around France and Spain and probably on Sunday we are already in Lisbon! I’m looking forward to it! I will be there for almost 2 months, lucky me!

Thursday is my last day at Philips and as a goodbye present I made some strawberry jam ( I did a couple of months ago with this purpose and also for us!) and I baked some chocolate &  pumpkin seed cookies! Delicious!

I know that for the next couple of months, the blog will be more calm but I’ll try to update some photos and news!

Have a nice summer holiday!!



From country living

 The last weeks have been busy and really warm! Almost 3 weeks of good weather and temperatures around 3) (some days above 33) degrees, is something that I had forgotten…amazing!It’s a good preparation for my summer in Portugal, I’m not use anymore!

Last weekend, we paint the house, it was funny but really hard too. Saturday it was the warmest day around here (37) and can you imagine how painful is to paint a house like this, specially because dutch houses are not prepared to warm weather,only for cold!! Now it’s done and ready to move!

Some things were missing, so Iwe bought a lovely table for my sewing studio and and a closet on the 2nd hand market…it’s white and lovely, as I like it! Of course it was cheap!

Besides this, in the end of july I’m finishing my contract in Philips, and I’ll have 2 months of holiday! Of course the quilt has to be finished in a couple of weeks, the good thing is I’m starting the binding this week,so I think I can manage!

Now wish me luck for the moving on this weekend!!

Have a nice week!


Last days



As férias tem sido óptimas, cheias de sol, calor e praia! Embora esteja cá há 1 mês,  neste últimos dias fica sempre a sensação que o tempo voa e que não dá para nada…fica sempre qualquer coisa para trás!

The holidays are being great, with lots of sun and beach! I have been here for a month and now, in the last few days, I have always the feeling that something is missing…and i don’t have time for everything!

DSC01645 (2)

Como seria de esperar manter-me longe dos tecidos e da máquina não é fácil, sobretudo porque a minha mãe também tem uma em casa! Aqui fica um dos sacos que a minha mãe fez!

E eu que nem sou muito dada a gatos não resisti a este! É um amor!

As expected it was impossible to stay way from the sewing machine, specially because my mom has one here! So here is a bag, with a pattern form Amy Butler, that she made!

I was in love with this baby cat, and I’m not a fun usually! So sweet!


Esta foi uma das melhores descobertas do verão, esta praia fica depois da Comporta e é maravilhosa!

This beach was one of the best descoveries this summer, it’s after Comporta and it’s beautiful and almost without people!


Ficam mais uns individuais que a minha mãe fez com tecidos holandeses!

To finish, here they are some of my mother patchwork with fabrics from Holland!

Soon, I’ll show some of my new fabrics and nice pictures from Lisbon!

Summer Season



Este saco é uma encomenda para ser usada na praia. O  tecido das flores foi escolhido, o desenho e o corte são simples e fáceis de fazer (não usei nenhum tutorial). As alças às bolinhas foi uma ideia para tentar cortar um pouco nas flores. Gosto muito do resultado final!

This was a custom order. The fabric was previous chosen, but everything else was on me. I chose a simple and straight pattern, and I did not use any tutorial. I used the red dot fabric on the loops to try to cut a bit on the flowers! I like the final result!


Ainda falta acabar pequenos pormenores, mas o essencial está feito!

I still have to finish small details, but the important part is done!


Um pequeno pormenor do interior do saco.

A small detail of the lining and the pocket.