It’s still a bit early…but indeed, I’ve the feeling that spring is almost here! We had some really nice weather, I mean blue skies and sunny days, but it’s still freezing. Nevertheless, as soon as the sun starts to shine, we can immediately see bulbs popping out, our garden is not an exception…it’s amazing!

On the market, on the supermarkets, on the shops, we can already see loads of new flowers, bulbs, garden tools and so on… everything is getting ready for spring! I bought these two bulbs for my office, to have more color and beauty around me!Nowadays, a blue sky and a sunny day means the world to me…is the kind of thing that you only value as soon as you don’t have it, specially when you grew up in Lisboa, where sunny days are the routine!

It’s amazing the colors that this country has during spring, and I’m looking forward to it!(autumn is also beautiful).

Have a nice week!



diaper bag


It has been a long while since I came here for the last time. I’ve been busy, the days seem to have less than 24h, but life has been good. Winter is already around here, snow started yesterday and my garden is naked. I’ve been enjoying my work a lot, I’ve been learning to design so many other things  and using new tools – interaction design is awesome!

But I’ve been  missing sewing so much, that’s why I accepted this order from Susana. This is a diaper bag for her baby boy who soon will arrive.

She gave me all the freedom to choose fabrics, I love to work like this!  Just grabbing some fabrics, playing with colours, imagining the shapes and finding my way while I’m creating…it’s so inspiring.

I decided to use some elastic to hold the baby bottles.

And, she also asked for a baby document purse.

Susana, I hope you enjoy it!


nutella cupcakes


Cooking is also one of my passions, I just love to create and find different flavours, it’s always amazing…and now it’s part of my job, I do research about eating behaviours!

Although cupcakes ( I was inspired by this blog) are very typical, they  are a wonderful solution for a cosy sunday, specially when it’s cold outside! Delicous!!!!

The snow came again, everything turned white but the days are lighter and a bit warmer…I’ve been missing the spring and sewing –  I really need to start something, but these days time flew by!

snow is going away


This doens’t mean the weather is getting better…if the temperature is higher, rain is more probable (yack!)!! OK, now we are around 2ºc as  maxium!!improving, hum?! The truth is that for a month, this country was (still is) surrounding by white, it’s beautiful and cold, but sometimes I just get so tired due to the grey colours and lights!

I just need a blue sunny sky,even if it’s cold!!

I’m planning to be back in the business and start working again on my things, but all these adjustments take some time!

Have a nice weekend!!

christmas shop II


Continuo a trabalhar nas encomendas que me fizeram…Estão quase todas prontas! Nos próximos dias vou pondo fotografias! Amanhã as temperaturas vão descer (e muito!), vou ter uma semana longa, cheia de trabalho e a contar os dias para voltar a Lisboa!

I’m working on my christmas orders, they are almost done…I’ll post new photos in the next days! Tomorrow is going to freeze around here and I’ll have a busy long  week, full of work…I’m counting the days to Lisbon!

Christmas tree


Aqui está a nossa árvore de natal ainda a ser preenchida,… Estou muito contente, pois  é o primeiro ano que fazemos uma! O Pedro achou por bem pôr o porco que canta e dança uma música de natal  no topo do pinheiro! (no comments!!)

De Lisboa chegaram umas florzinhas e uns passarinhos em crochet, comprámos também umas luzes e árvore ficou pronta!

Here is our Christmas tree, i’m so excited, it’s the first time that we have one! From Lisbon arrived some flowers and birds in crochet and we bought lights, and now we have a nice Christmas tree in our living room! Pedro decided to put on the top a pig that sings and dances a christmas song! (no comments!).

Yesterday, I also put this ornaments in the post to Amesterdam! Marta, I hope you enjoy it!

New Fabrics



Going to Lisbon for holidays means for sure new fabrics! I brought a lot of new fabrics –  the famous “Chitas de Alcobaça”  had to come because they’re so typical  and beautiful!!


I’m trying to get inspired with the new tendencies , to get some nice ideas for my Christmas/winter production! Now it’s time to start work on this and leave the summer behind!

Soon, I’ll star my Etsy shop!